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Chapter 1: Project Management Terminology?

Clarify certain terminology and ensure we talk the same language

Chapter 2: Project Constraints and success criteria?

Limiting factors and how do we measure success.

Chapter 3: Project Management Standards and guides?

What does PMBOK 6, 7 and the construction extention contain

Chapter 4: Project Management Responsibilities?

The role of Project Manager, Program Manager and Portfolio Manager

Chapter 5: Project Initiation?

Construction Business Case & Project Scope Statement.

Chapter 6: Project Stakeholders?

Identify Stakeholders & Typical stakeholders on construction projects.

Chapter 7: Project Charter?

The content and role of the Project Charter.

Chapter 8: Project Planning and Estimating?

Project Planning Overview.

Chapter 9: Project Requirements?

Requirements Management Plan & Requirements documentation.

Chapter 10: Project Scope Planning?

Project Scope Planning Overview, Aspects to keep in mind when defining the Scope & Boundaries, Scope Management Plan & Project Scope Planning Information required

Chapter 11: Scope Baseline?

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), WBS related terminology, WBS formats & WBS Dictionary.

Chapter 12: Risk Management Plan?

Project Risk Management Planning, Project Risk Management Planning Cycle, Typical Uncertainty on Construction projects & role and content of the Risk Management Plan.

Chapter 13: The Risk Register?

Sources of Risk Identification & role and content of the Risk Register.

Chapter 14: Risk Responses?

Risk Response Strategies for threats as well as for opportunities.

Chapter 15: Project Resource Planning?

Overview of Project Resource Planning, Typical Resources used for Construction Projects, Resources Management Plan, Organizational Structures & Resource Load.

Chapter 16: Project Schedule Management Planning?

Project Schedule Planning Overview, Project Schedule Planning Processes, Schedule management in Construction

Chapter 17: Logical Task Relationships?

Finish-to-Start (FS), Start-to-Start (SS), Finish-to-Finish (FF), Start-to-Finish (SF), Lag & Lead.

Chapter 18: Project Network Diagram?

Forward pass, Backward pass, Total float & Critical path.

Chapter 19: Critical path and Schedule Compression?

Project Schedule, Schedule Compression – Crashing & Fast tracking.

Chapter 20: Cost Planning?

Project Cost Planning Overview, Project Cost Planning Processes, Cost Management Plan, Cost Estimating, Factors to keep in mind for construction project cost estimating & the Cost performance baseline / Budget.

Chapter 21: Quality Planning?

Project Quality Planning Overview, Quality Defined, Project Quality Planning Processes & Quality Requirements in Construction

Chapter 22: Communication Planning?

Project Communications Planning Overview, Project Communications Planning Processes, Communication Model & Communication Methods.

Chapter 23: Procurement Planning?

Project Procurement Management Planning Processes & Contract Types.

Chapter 24: Stakeholder Engagement Planning

Chapter 25: Project Management Plan?

Project Integration Management, Content of the Project Management plan, Where is the Project Management Plan used?

Chapter 26: Execution / Construction?

Manage the project work, Manage project knowledge, Manage Quality, Acquire Resources, Develop Team, Manage Team, Manage Communications, Implement Risk Responses, Conduct Procurements, Manage Stakeholder Engagement & Manage other Areas.

Chapter 27: Project Monitoring and Controlling?

Project Monitoring and Controlling Overview, Monitoring and Controlling Processes, Earned Value Management (EVM), Progress Reporting, Change control Overview & Change control Processes

Chapter 28: Closing a Project or Phase?

Closing a Project or Phase Overview & To be addressed in Final Report

Claiming your CPD Points and Certificate

Completing the course

Introduction and Course Information

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