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First of all, why not?
But also for the following reasons.

Inspire Students

Help people learn new skills, advance their careers, and explore their hobbies by sharing your knowledge.

Global Reach

Reach students around the globe, Our courses are available on any platform, desktop and mobile available 24.7.

Earn an Income

Earn money every time a student purchases your course. Get paid monthly through PayPal or Payfast it’s your choice.

Services We Provide

Powerful Platform

Instructors will have full access to our very powerful drag and drop course builder. Keep your students engaged with quizzes and assignments.

Content Manage

Manage and upload your videos and content, update and swap your videos with ease.

Video Support

Our platform integrates with Youtube and Vimeo. Use your personal / business accounts to link your paid courses – Or use our lighting fast secure server.

Leave the marketing to us

We’ll take care of all the admin regarding marketing, sign ups, access and payments, while you focus on creating courses

Social Network

Using our Social Engine – Create your own business page, connect with your students, advertise your courses to the right people – Get noticed faster

Join the Community

Take advantage of our active community of instructors and students to help you through your course creation process

It’s your course

Instructors can use their own company logo, ask the price you want!


Having trouble or got stuck – Our technical staff is here to help – With Email, Live Chat, Whatsapp or call support.

Pricing and Packages

Choose one of our packages based on the features you require as an Instructor. See detailed Comparison below.

Just starting out? Our Free Package enables Instructors to host 1 Paid Course for free – CPD Portal takes no commission.
  • 1 Paid Course 
  • Set your price
  • Limited to Youtube / Vimeo
  • Email, Ticket Support
Take advantage of our Premium Package – Instructors gets access to all premium features Uploads to our Secure Server. CPD Portal only takes 35% commission per course.
Instructor earnings per Course
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Premium Uploads
  • Withdrawals
  • Access all Features
  • Marketing on us
  • Much More
Upgrade to our Standard Package – Instructors have unlimited courses, better visibility and high priority support. CPD Portal only takes 30% commission per course.
Instructor earnings per Course
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Better Visibility 
  • High Priority Support
  • Personal Coupons
  • Company Discounts
  • Much More

Detailed Information

Upload 1 Paid Course | Unlimited Free Courses

Instructors can upload 1 Paid Course and unlimited free courses in this package. Instructors gain 100% commission on this course.

Set the Price you want

Set the price you want for your course.

Limited to Youtube, Vimeo Accounts | Limited Support

This package is limited to uploads via personal or business YouTube / Vimeo accounts. Instructors who wish to make use of our local secure server (no ads / watermarks / branding / non downloadable or link sharable) Please see Premium Package

Email / Ticket Support

With Email and Ticket Support we are on standby to support and assist you.

Free Package

Unlimited Paid | Unlimited Free Courses

Instructors can upload unlimited Paid and Free Courses. CPD Portal takes 30% Commission per course.

Set the Price | Get Personal Coupons | Set Company Discounts

Set the price you want! Instructors who wish to make use of coupons for special events or set discount / coupons for companies who purchase in quantity, can do this with the standard package

Limited to Youtube, Vimeo Accounts | Premium Support

Instructors have Premium support on setup and securing their personal / Business YouTube / Vimeo Accounts. This package is limited to uploads via personal or business YouTube / Vimeo accounts. Instructors who wish to make use of our local secure server (no ads / watermarks / branding / non downloadable or link sharable) Please see Premium Package.

High Priority Email | Ticket | Whatsapp Support

With Premium Email, Ticket and Whatsapp Support we are on standby to support and assist you. Instructors on this package can expect a reply within 1 hour.

Better Course Visibility

Enjoy better course visibility with banners, priority placing on platform and priority emails to members. Your course will always be visible.

Standard Package

All the features of the Standard Package

Enjoy all the features of the standard package plus all the added features of the premium package.

Upload Courses to our Secure Server

Instructors can upload their courses to our secure local server. Benefits of using this secure server is the security of your courses. No branding. No watermarks. Your courses are secure and not downloadable or link sharable. Our server has a guarantee uptime of 99%. Upload and manage the courses directly from the platform.

Access to all Features and future features.

Enjoy all the features of the platform. Premium Instructors also will gain access to all future features to be implemented.
Features include:

  • Premium and secure uploads to the server
  • Withdraw your balance before pay day
  • Create a social profile and be seen by the community
  • Respond to your students via our Q&A system
  • Marketing on us
  • Connect with students around the world

Be seen by the community

With our social engine its easy to be seen by the community. Communicate with your students, get seen by companies, engage with the community.

Marketing on us

We do the marketing – CPD Portal takes care of the Marketing and Admin, so that Instructors can focus on creating courses.

We point big companies to your courses

We connect big companies to your courses.

Premium Technical Support

Our support team is on standby 24.7. Premium Instructors will get support within 30 minutes.

Withdraw your balance before pay day

Premium Instructors can request a withdrawal from their balance before pay day.

Premium Package

Frequently asked questions

You have questions? We have answers. Here are a portion of the things that instructors will in general get some information about often. Before you send us your inquiry you might need to peruse these first.

When will I get paid?

Instructors get paid on the last day of the month – Instructors can be paid by EFT or by Payfast / Paypal

Can students enroll without paying for the course?

No, our platform is set up in the way that students can’t enroll without paying for a paid course, The platform detects if a student is trying to share the course link to other non paying students, this will result in a ban Our courses are not link sharable or downloadable (premium version).

Can I upload a course that is not accredited?

Yes, you may! Courses that are not registered or accredited with accreditation bodies will be allowed on the platform. These courses will be placed in the correct category.

Where can I see my earned balance?

Instructors can see their earnings by heading to ‘My Dashboard’. In my dashboard Instructors can find the Total Earnings block. This will show you your earnings. Standard and Premium users be able to get statements of courses purshased.