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Making Announcements
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Creating Assignments

Let’s start by creating a course – Please take note that this button will only be visible to instructors who are registered with CPD Portal as Instructors – Students won’t be able to see this. To create a course head to Dashboard > Click on “Add A New Course” button.

All the task can be done in one place. This Course Builder section which will take care of creating topics, lessons, quizzes, assignments, and questions. Mostly everything that is accessible to a student once they enroll in a course. The rest of the sections control the data that will be put on the Course overview page. First thing first, lets set up the Course overview page.

Course Title: This is where you type in the name of the course. Try to keep it brief and precise.

Description: Your complete course description goes to the Description field. Here you highlight why the course should be taken and who is the appropriate audience for the course.

Choose Categories: For a better understanding and easier navigation, it’s better to assign the course to a category. This is what will be listed under the Course Filter, if your course is about Art, use the category art. Categories who are incorrectly ladled will be misplaced by the course filter.

Course Price: you can define if your course will be free or you are going to charge for the course from here.

Level: This is the general categorization of all the courses. Defining difficulty level here would provide a better user experience.

Course Thumbnail: It’s basically the banner image for the course. It will appear either as the course thumbnail or as the banner image in the respective pages.